The IVGFP looks to create an urban model in which local citizens and new Iowans work hand-in-hand to communicate and exchange ways to improve our local food quality, support Johnson County families that lack access to food, provide training and working opportunities, and encourage youth and children to try new and nutrient food types which they grow themselves. Thanks to Johnson County, the IVGFP will enable all communities to move from the peripheries of our social structure to become an integral and effective component of the larger society.

Launches in Johnson County

Building on Johnson County's leading initiatives for local food and sustainable development a groundbreaking intercultural nonprofit collaboration at the Poor Farm featuring long-timeagricultural leaders and communities.

Raising Opportunities for All

Our members at the Center for Worker Justice are very excited for this opportunity to grow their own healthy organic food, grow the food that they want, especially foods that are not readily available here. This opportunity for our members is like a dream come true and they can't wait to start with IVGFP.

Quote by: Mazahir Salih